Client Services

Our philosophy is simple: Do great work everyday

Why should you choose Higgins?

We’ve grown exclusively through word-of-mouth over the years, because clients and candidates who have worked with us consistently recommend us to those who haven’t. Here’s why:

Respected in the life sciences

After decades of single-minded specialization, we know the life sciences industry, companies, jobs, and people, and how to look beyond glossy CVs to assess leadership qualities and cultural fit. Our track record recruiting hundreds of physicians and R&D executives over the years has built a reputation for integrity, expertise, and achievement. The bottom line is that people know us and take our calls, giving our clients unique access to the world’s best physicians and R&D talent.

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Relentless pursuit of excellence

We do great work in a niche that is not for the timid: recruiting from a small talent pool of hard-to-reach, highly credentialed candidates is exceptionally challenging. Such a tough market demands ingenuity, perseverance, and end-to-end quality control, so we do our own in-house research and we don’t cut corners for the sake of speed. Our track record of over 90% placement success and new hire longevity shows that we don’t give up and we don’t compromise on quality. We are committed to delivering excellence for our clients, and we are energetic, diligent, and relentless in that pursuit.

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Relationships that last

Our philosophy has always been to do great work for a small, select roster of clients we know well. Deep understanding of our client’s company, culture, and vision allows us to be a true strategic partner: we coach clients to think broadly about what they want to achieve, provide guidance on solutions and decision-making, and offer insights on marketplace activity, retention issues, and organizational design. It’s win-win, because our clients get a superior level of service, while we get to keep doing great work we’re passionate about.

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