Executive Onboarding

Accelerate return on your recruitment investment

New executives need meaningful transition and integration support, to build internal networks, gain insight into company culture, and navigate team dynamics. Companies who invest in onboarding their new executives enjoy faster time to performance and improved talent retention. And yet this critical step is what most companies overlook.

Executive Onboarding is an exclusive new service from The Higgins Group designed to help your new executive navigate the challenges of transitioning to your company. We’ve partnered with Letizia Amadini Lane,  an innovative leadership development specialist and executive coach, to help your new executive through the four levers of successful onboarding: self-efficacy, role clarity, social integration, and organizational culture.

Executive Onboarding addresses all of the key constituents: individual, manager, team, and organization, and it focuses on the first 90-days, which are crucial to successful integration. We’ll create a program tailored to your company’s unique organizational culture, as well as the leadership profiles of the new executive’s manager and leadership team.

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